Very Peach

Very Peach



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Lip stains:

There is so much to love about Amayl’s Lip stain! Enriched with the lusciousness of our organic collection of Shea Butter, Bees Wax, Coconut Oil, Mica Mineral, Argan Oil and Carnauba Wax, our Lip stain is created by nature, made especially for you. This product is a beauty in itself. There are 4 stunning and velvety shades of our Lip stains which melts effortlessly as it blends onto the lips and provides the lips with a hydrating, gorgeous gleam of colors.


  1. Butyrospermum parkii
  2. Cera alba
  3. Capric triglyceride
  4. Mica Mineral
  5. Copernica prunifera
  6. Argania spinosa
  7. tocopherol

How to apply:

Simply start at one corner of your lip, and drag the applicator or brush to the middle of your lip. Then, start at the other corner and slowly drag the applicator or brush to the middle to connect your line. Follow the curve of your bottom lip. Once you have your lip outline, fill the center part in with more lip stain.


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